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This is an unprecedented era of female leadership at the American Bar Association. Women are leading our Board, task forces, committees and practice specialty groups. Paulette Brown proudly serves as ABA President and is pleased that the next two presidents will also be women. We need your help to continue forging a more inclusive legal profession.

Join our Community of Powerful Career Women


Hear from women throughout the ABA and learn how membership helped them advance their careers.

Join our Community of Powerful Career Women
Photo of Paulette Brown, ABA President

Paulette Brown

ABA President

Photo of Patricia Lee Refo, ABA Chair, House of Delegates

Patricia Lee Refo

ABA Chair, House of Delegates

Photo of Linda Klein, ABA President Elect

Linda Klein

ABA President-Elect

Photo of Mary Torres, ABA Secretary

Mary Torres

ABA Secretary

Photo of Hilarie Bass, ABA President Elect Nominee

Hilarie Bass

ABA President-Elect Nominee

Photo of Deborah Enix-Ross, ABA Chair Elect Nominee, House of Delegates

Deborah Enix-Ross

ABA Chair-Elect Nominee, House of Delegates

Photo of Michelle Behnke, ABA Treasurer Elect

Michelle Behnke

ABA Treasurer-Elect Nominee

Photo of Mary Smith, ABA Secretary Elect Nominee

Mary Smith

ABA Secretary-Elect Nominee


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Make Room for More Women

Support the Commission on Women in the Profession and the Women’s Interest Network to ensure that women have opportunities for professional growth and advancement through projects, policy initiatives, and publications nationally and globally.

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Navigate for Success

Participate in Women-In-Law Track and Litigation’s Women’s Advocate Committee with networking luncheons and CLE programs on topics such as navigating for success and how to advance your career.

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Develop More Business

Join our Women Rainmakers Committee and improve your skills in marketing and business development while building personal and professional relationships.

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Sharpen Your Practice

Access world-class legal information and analysis through Free ABA CLE, conferences and publications that offer in-depth content from renowned legal practitioners.

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Enrich Your Career

Expand your professional reputation, develop a nationwide business network and access top-tier programming through ABA groups that focus on your practice specialty.

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Advocate for the Profession

Promote the independence of the judiciary, diversity and inclusion, justice for underserved populations and the rule of law in developing countries.

Join our Community of Powerful Career Women